Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Under-Sink Dungeon

After my success with The Craft Cupboard I was inspired to declutter and pretty up some other areas of our home. So last night (when I should have been putting groceries away or cooking dinner or supervising baths or something) I worked on the "dungeon" under the sink. This is one area that drives me crazy. I had recently started rolling my towels (used for wiping down the benches) rather than stacking, and that has helped. A simple swapping some items from one side to the other has helped work flow a little. But last night I labelled some jars.
Ah, the power of labelling. For about a year now we have used these vintage jars to store grocery bags and bags which contained fruit and veg, which we then use to line the bin or to collect the pulp from the juicer (it makes great compost - shame we don't garden just make compost LOL)
And for that year I have dug around in those nether regions next to the garbage bin (yuck) trying to figure out which bags are which ... until .... drumroll

Thanks to Microsoft Publisher and a little contact paper over the top I have the most gorgeous labels and life can go on again.

These jars have a story to them, too. They used to be my Nanna's cookie jars. They had green and yellow plastic lids (we tried using them as cookie jars but somehow it didn't work for us). Once I stayed at my Nanna's for a night or two with my cousin. My cousin often stayed there, but I hadn't stayed over much (or at all?). So when we felt a bit hungry and Nanna was off in another room my cousin suggested that we help ourselves to a cookie. I was quite anxious about taking a cookie without asking (I was probably about 6 at the time!) but my cousin assured me it was fine. Of course Nanna caught us with crumby mouths a few minutes later - and I was accused of stealing! I was mortified. It sticks in my memory so strongly, but I only realised recently that these are THOSE jars. The things we remember!

So that's the under-sink cupboard ... I wonder where the decluttering bug will strike next?

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Hill upon hill said...

Ha ha, we also have compost and don't use it....