Friday, August 8, 2008

Olympic Night Chinese Style

We are looking forward to the Olympic Opening Ceremony tonight! Steve and I decided that we will let the girls stay up for some of it, maybe in their sleeping bags.

I have planned a Chinese dinner in honour of Beijing:

Spring Rolls

Chicken & Cashew Nuts
Chocolate Spiders (ok they are not Chinese but are made of fried noodles - and melted chocolate and peanut butter!)
(the girls will probably only like the spiders)
While the girls were at school today I made paper placemats in Publisher and after the girls finish watching Mr Men (any minute now) we will make a Chinese-looking box to hold the Chocolate Spiders and other treats.
We haven't told them they can stay up yet, it will be a surprise in a few minutes! Gotta love surprises, especially when they provide activities for a Friday afternoon! The ceremony will start at 10.08pm here, so it will be a late night, but tomorrow is a very quiet day for a change, so hopefully we can manage it!

When I checked in at Hill Upon Hill I saw that they have a similar plan. Great minds think alike.


Amy said...

mmm yum that does sound nice, so I guess it's dinner at your place huh? lol

Hill upon hill said...

Your placemats are very nice. Good friends, great minds. Have a lovely evening. I believe that the Australians will walk in at about midnight.