Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Morning of Accidental Shopping

Do you ever find yourself at the shops when you didn't really plan to be? Or at the scrapbook shop? I don't know how I got there, except that Laura complained as we went into school this morning that she had left her jacket at home, could I bring it up after our recorder lesson? I drove home and searched in vain for the jacket, I realised that she had it in her bag all along and hadn't bothered to check it. grr! But I still needed to go to school or she would never think of looking in her bag, it is chilly today and she has not been feeling so well.

So I went to school ... and then ... to justify the trip out ... I went to the scrapbook shop as well, then I remembered a few things I needed at the shopping centre ... and before long I had been out 2 hours but I DID buy some fun things!

How cute is this little snail stamp?

I love this Cuttlebug stencil and will be trying it after I leave the computer.

The "reason" I went to the scrapbook shop was to buy some khaki papers for some bushwalking photos, and I found this cool Basic Gray paper too

And then at the art shop I bought these for the girls, they are always wanting to decorate fabric and I've heard they work well. Maybe we'll try them for "Friday Fun" this week.

Luckily for Laura I quickly forgot my negative feelings about my outing and checked at KMart to see whether by chance there were any more Ver 4 Tamogochis (we missed out last week - they are on sale now that Ver 5 is available) and they were, and even cheaper than last week - she will be so happy!

I bought some new and expensive inner soles which will hopefully make my running shoes last a bit longer, am feeling some twinges lately in my knees. $45 later my knees are feeling good after an hour or so on the new soles.

So the outing wasn't a complete waste of time. Thanks Laura!

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