Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Harping on

One of my aims this year is to play more harp.
I've had my harp for a year now but I didn't play it as much as I had intended last year,
and I didn't get to take any lessons.

Last night I took my harp to the Irish session I play at.
Normally I play the tunes on fiddle and whistle, so playing an accompaniment 
is a whole other animal.  I could manage to play along to some of the tunes,
and the other session players seemed to think I did alright.  Phew.

It's quite an ordeal transporting a harp.
Fortunately my Dusty Springs harp is well-designed, and came with a
great bag that holds all the parts.
The stand goes together easily, 
looking a little like a mid-century coffee table.

I screw the stand onto the base of the harp,
and the harp can stand on its own.

Tuning can take another 5-10 minutes, and that has to be done every time I play.
And then there's the whole carrying thing, the car thing
and the parking thing, all slightly easier now we've got a hatchback.
But it all takes a little time and planning and muscle.

I'm excited that I've found a harp teacher who can fit me in
and I start lessons tomorrow!
I was extra glad to hear that I can use her harp at the lessons,
so I don't need to transport my harp every week.
Hopefully I can fit in the practising time and really benefit
from the lessons, so that by the end of this year I can see real improvement.

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Amy at love made my home said...

How exciting that you can take some lessons, and although your harp is obviously made beautifully for transportation it will be so much easier not to have to! I hope that you enjoy your lessons and playing. xx