Monday, February 17, 2014


Yesterday I worked at clearing the kitchen bench.  
Really clearing it, this time.
I moved all pens and papers, the fruit bowl that hides clutter and all those mugs and special cups 
that the girls have accumulated but have nowhere to go.
Much better.

With all of last week's crazy to-do list crossed off, this is a fresh new week.
While the rest of the family was busy yesterday, I sat down and
prepared this Thursday's biblestudy for my group -
something that normally I do on Monday or Tuesday and seems HUGE 
when there's so much else to be done. (But it never takes so long as I expect!)
So I could cross that off this week's page already.
Maybe I can get ahead like that every week.

In my tidier, clearer, kitchen I made two loaves of bread, one GF and one regular.
(yey the Thermomix!)

Inspired by the kitchen bench, I kept working on the study desk,
and filing papers into the relevant folders.
(So many papers!)

And now I've started some mulligatawny soup
to bubble away in the slowcooker while I teach piano.
It smells sooooo good.

It's amazing what a clear bench can do!

(Well, that, and the fact that Laura's home sick again with a cold
so I can't leave the house ;-)

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Amy at love made my home said...

I hope that Laura is feeling better again soon. Enjoy your clearing in the meantime! xx