Friday, February 21, 2014

Mother & Harp c.2012

by Laura, 
when I first had a loan of a harp in Nov 2012.

My harp lessons are going well, I think.
Having played whatever I wanted for over a year
with no technique whatsoever,
I am now restricted to using 1 or 2 fingers of each hand at a time
and playing simple exercises until I learn to hold my hands just right.
It's hard work but I am enjoying the challenge
and don't mind the restrictions.
It's good to have a teacher tell me what to do.
It's not just up to me, anymore.
And hearing it in a lovely thick Romanian accent just helps me take it
that bit more seriously, somehow.

As you see in my portrait, it's important to wear
a full skirt or pants for harp playing.
If I wear a straight skirt, I just don't practice that day.
Long white socks and running shoes: optional.

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Amy at love made my home said...

As long as you are enjoying yourself and the lessons, that is what is important!! xx