Saturday, February 15, 2014

Rainy Saturday

The first rainy Saturday in ever so long.

Everyone else went out in the morning.
One to iceskating, one to play a Brahms quartet,
and one to work in a toy shop.

I stayed home and baked for tomorrow's morning tea at church.
1940s swing music playing, oven and dryer humming.

Vanilla slice, Chocolate Coconut Slice, Chocolate Cake
and Snickerdoodles.
There may have been some licking of bowls.

Just as I finished clearing up, the family began arriving home,
one by one.

We all went out for some errands,
and then Emily headed out to a murder party.
(I guess she started a trend).
All pretty and grown-up in high, high heels.

Dinner: leftover lamb roast on hommus, 
topped with caramelized leeks and served with baked potatoes,
asparagus, and honeyed carrots.  Yum.

A good food day.


Amy at love made my home said...

It sounds like a lovely day and a lovely dinner to finish the day off with!! Hope that your cakes are enjoyed tomorrow at church, they sound delicious!! xx

Hill upon Hill said...

A great food day. Emily looked lovely.
It is nice to have the rain; we had mist in our road.
White choc mudcake for dessert, roast beef as well.
Almost Autumn.