Thursday, February 13, 2014

Over the hump

This is the time I've been waiting for.
All the admin done for the term; all "firsts" for the year have been done:
first piano lessons, first recorder group lesson, first proper bible study.
Today was the first recorder lesson - 25 eager little faces looking at me expectantly, 
25 names I must learn.
The first proper bible study 
- 10 women reading, discussing and praying, and 8 children 
minded just in the room next door.
Piano and theory lessons have been going for two weeks now.
I've managed (somehow) to provide school lunches for 12 days.
So I'm over the hump.  I've just got to find my groove and stick to it.
(And before I know it, it will be holidays again!)
These are all activities I enjoy (well, perhaps not the packing lunches so much)
and I got myself into it all, I have noone to blame.  
It is a joy to teach music, and to meet with women from church each week.
I love it all and it gives me energy when it's all running smoothly.

But I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I can spend some 
serious time relaxing on the sofa!

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Amy at love made my home said...

I am glad that you are getting your groove back Fiona. Hope that you enjoy your sofa day! xx