Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cute organisation

How cute are these bulldog clips from Kikki K.? I bought them yesterday while I was "grocery shopping" (well, I did get to the groceries eventually!)
I couldn't decide between the birdies and the red clips with the symbols, so I had to get them both!

Now I will just have to tidy my computer desk and find some very deserving papers waiting to be clipped together.
After shopping in Kikki K. I am always inspired to organise my papers and life better ... but the cheap/creative part of me wants to do it at a much lower price! I'll try and take some photos of my Kikki K. low-cost take-offs in the next few days.


Amy said...

Those are cute! Better still I'm liking the background you have them on :-)

Hill upon hill said...

I will look forward to hearing about the cheaper ideas....