Sunday, July 27, 2008

First Freesias

Today as we drove off to church I noticed that some freesias have come out in the garden, and at lunchtime I picked some for the table.

I can't believe the winter is rushing by so quickly, and August will be here in a few days.

This winter I have been seriously contemplating moving to a cooler climate. While I often find myself standing right up next to the gas heater to stop shivering, I am so much happier generally being cold rather than hot. I love the winter sunshine coming in the windows and making the floorboards glow, and I make the most of every chance to sit by the window in the sunshine with a book or magazine.
Yes, I would be happy with quite a bit more winter around here.
On another note you will be glad to hear we are making progress with our fussy eaters. Foods conquered are: fresh pineapple, chicken cooked in various ways, glace cherries, dried fruit, muesli, pasta with (shock horror) different sauces, and others. There is no more whining about upcoming meals. If they forget the rules and ask what is for dinner I tell them "Mystery Food", and that is the end of that. Coming up this week: tuna and salmon. Babysteps here!


Hill upon hill said...

I bet those freesias smell absolutely wonderful. Not quite ready for Spring yet, jasmine about to burst into bloom along driveway.

Threeundertwo said...

I love freesias!