Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Girl on a fence

This girl on the fence was my great-aunt, who lived from 1913-1988. Which I guess might place this photo around 1923 or earlier ...?

I love ...
... the frilly garters on the long white socks
... the big white lacy hat she is holding on her lap
... the white buckle shoes
... the classic Australian suburb of the time in the background, each house with it's own picket fence
... the old car parked by the side of the road
... the fact that she is dressed all in white - it seems so impractical, but maybe in those days, when the wash was still boiled in a copper it was the most practical colour to dress a young girl in? But I'm guessing this was her Sunday best.
... but let's face it, anything in sepia makes me happy!


Threeundertwo said...

I love that picture! Her smile seems so real, like she's laughing at something the photographer said. I love that she's sitting on a fence, and not in a more conventional pose.

And I love that it is so well preserved. Thanks for sharing it!

Amy said...

wow what a photo to cherish! I love looking at old photos and thinking about what sort of life the person may have had.