Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stampin' Up Cardstock Organization

Recently I came up with a new system for my Stampin' Up Cardstock. Previously I have always worked with A5 card and so I needed a new system for the A4 size. At KMart I found some strong clear perspex magazine files, and at a newsagency a set of 31 heavy-duty tabbed dividers.
On the front page (supplied with the dividers) I listed all the Stampin' Up colours in the order listed in the catalogue. Then I put the corresponding colour in that section in the magazine file. The colours continue in the second file.
This works for me because I don't want drawers full of card, but work mostly from the mixed packs. I will get to know the names of the colours and which ones I use the most, they are easy to carry from cupboard to worktop, and I can see them clearly. I also put any large scraps in with the right colour (smaller scraps I throw into a page protector with any other colours).
When I got this system finally happening I felt much more inclined to start using all the beautiful colours. Before this I was sticking with my favourites and not experimenting. See ... organizing does make a difference! (sometimes I feel like I spend more time organizing my craft stuff than using it LOL)

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