Monday, July 14, 2008

Perfect Afternoon

Today was a good day. Well it didn't start off too well, I guess, I didn't get enough sleep and I woke up sooooooooo grumpy, but after that it improved, thank goodness!

This morning we went to the shops and saw a little circus in the shopping centre. We weren't sure what to expect, but it was perfect for our girls and we enjoyed it too. Four guys and a girl did all sorts of cool things, including tight-rope, juggling, balancing, lassoing, whip-cracking, dancing and more. Lots of fun. Then we shopped in Borders for a while and I bought this book for the girls and me (but mostly for me!) It has the cutest do-able ideas for us all, Laura has already made a purse card for a friend's birthday.

Later we headed out for a drive - the clouds had cleared it was the most perfect afternoon. After some cold days last week, today was warm with balmy breezes, quite un-winterish.

We climbed on the rocks and played on a little "beach", then walked around the headland, looking at the boats, birds and bush while the sun warmed our backs.

This is the closest thing you will see to a self-portrait of me ... and Emily! And no, my hips are not really quite that wide!

In the next bay we found some pelicans and more boats.

It was all so peaceful, apart from the occasional boat going by or plane flying over.

After our walking we had an icecream and then tea from a thermos while the girls played in the playground. When the sun began to set it was time to come home.

A perfect end to a perfect afternoon.


Amy said...

Lovely photos - I hate it when our shadows make us look bigger lol

Threeundertwo said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the pelican!

Linda said...

This post could be a perfect post for both Skywatch Friday at Wiggers World and A Day In My Life at Little Jenny Wren. Beautiful.