Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Whistling Family

This morning we officially became a Tin Whistling Family! Steve picked up these whistles yesterday and presented them at breakfast this morning. The poor girls didn't even have time to try them out before we rushed off to our recorder class.

I thought I would buy a back-up (cheap) whistle so I got a new whistle as well. Here you can see the new Feadog brass whistle on the left, and my lovely Syn aluminium whistle on the right. The Feadog tone is not great, but it will do! (as Another Jig Will Do!)

Last term when the girls were both home (1 week each) with hand, foot and mouth disease, but not really feeling ill, I taught them some whistle. They picked it up easily with all their experience with recorder and now flute. Since then I have tried various avenues to order some whistles ... but finally Steve found some.

This afternoon will be very Irish I think ... first Irish Dancing and then some jigs and reels played on our new whistles!
Speaking of whistles we watched a show recently about "real" whistling (with your mouth) which we loved. Check this out (one of the whistlers featured on the show) - don't forget to turn on your speakers. If only I could roll like that on my tin whistle!

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