Friday, April 10, 2009

Autumn Afternoon

This morning we went to church, for Good Friday, remembering Christ's death, and this afternoon we relaxed at home. After a busy few months we are pretty tired out. (Well, I am, anyway!)

It was a lovely mild afternoon and the girls were playing in the front yard, so I finally tackled some things in my sewing/mending pile. First I hemmed Steve's good trousers, then darned an old tablecloth, trying to make new holes look like part of the cutwork design.

Next I finished this teatowel (pattern here) which I started at Christmas time, it only had a couple of stitches left, so I'm not sure why I didn't finish it earlier! My other mending will need the sewing machine, so I'll do that another time. Some of my mending has been sitting in that pile way too long!

It was so pleasant sitting there, with a perfect temperature, some sunshine (but not too much) and the sounds of happy children playing, while I sat in comfort and sewed a fine seam. I felt as if I had travelled back in time. Well, the happy sounds didn't really last, and to put a bit of reality back into this idyllic (but productive !?) scene let's look at what I saw when the girls had both stomped inside, after whining prolifically ...

... just part of the 21st C mess that had spread itself over the yard and verandah in that short time!

With a sigh I went inside to deal with the grumpiness in there. But I baked a cake and we had afternoon tea together happily (but you have to wait for the next post for that!)

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Hill upon Hill said...

Do you know that we saw you enjoying your quaint afternoon. Looked nice.