Monday, April 6, 2009

Dad's 70th

We have a lot of big birthdays in our family this year ... 70, 30, 40, two 10s ... and yesterday was Dad's 70th. On Wednesday night I scanned about 50 photos and decorated them a bit in Gimp, and had them printed to make Dad a mini album, also I made the papercut, but I didn't make a card until yesterday morning.

With the retirement on 31st March of so many stamp sets from Stampin' Up!, I had decided to restrain myself and let them go unpurchased by me ... but as the time drew close I looked at a few sets and succumbed after all on the evening of the 31st (nothing like cutting it fine) and they arrived on the 3rd! So I used the Brocade Basics set to make this card for Dad. I love the colours and designs, the scrapbook paper is gorgeous too. Such a shame it is all retired ...

My other project for the party was to display some photos on the wall. I didn't want to use any adhesive on these precious photos so I blu-tacked some black ribbon to the wall and attached the photos with little bulldog clips. They looked really cute, I should have taken a photo. Anyway, I'm sure my dad wouldn't mind me posting this cute photo of him as a baby:

He was pretty cute, huh?

This was the earliest photo of him, at 7 months. I couldn't figure out why part of the dress was hand-drawn with pencil, until my mum pointed out a ghostly outline of my nanna holding him upright, which they then somewhat obscured in the photo. The hand-drawn sections must be covering up where Nanna's hands were. My, how times have changed photography!

We had a fun party for Dad, including a little concert, games, a quiz, and way too much food, some of the leftovers of which we were trying to eat through today. It's a hard job, but someone has to do it!

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