Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend has seemed long. Good Friday seems like Sunday (because of going to church), Saturday feels like ... um Saturday I guess, after the initial shock of having Saturday after "Sunday", then comes Sunday (again!) and then a public holiday Monday. It seems to go on forever, but now it's over.

And Easter seems like an anti-climax. Actually it should be more meaningful than Christmas, since the whole basis of my faith is that Christ died and rose again, but it always seems to be a last-minute thought on my part, not such a festival as Christmas and with the family at home not much time for bible reading and thought, although I did sit and read the bible on Sunday night in the twilight, which was good (until the mosquitoes got me).

Friday I posted about already, we had our nice afternoon tea. Saturday I went out briefly to the shops (which were crazy full) to buy a few things, then we tidied and cooked for my parents and brother to come for lunch on Sunday. (Baked Moroccan Chicken, Meatballs, Chocolate Pudding and Easter Eggs - yum!). Monday we shopped again for some clothes the girls needed, and spent the day at home, getting ready for a few days at the mountains.

In amongst tidying, cooking, and living, I've done lots of scrapbooking, actually finishing my 2006 album at long last (finished the 2007 album a while back), and we've played quite a few games of teeball in the front yard, tucked in between trees and bushes. We played with Grandma and Grandad on Easter Day, lots of fun.

Have a good week!


Hill upon Hill said...

Did you know that lavender water keeps mossies at bay?

Emily said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful Easter! That photo is amazing! :) Have a glorious day!