Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mountain Hideaway

We've just been in the Blue Mountains for a few days with my family (9 adults & 7 kids in one house!) and stayed in an amazing house (with beds to spare!)

This was the dining room, with a 12-seater dining table and a smaller 4-seater. It was lovely to eat breakfast among the trees and sunshine.

Unfortunately the kitchen and pantry were located downstairs from the dining room, which made for lots of stair-climbing.

The house was filled with vintage and reproduction furniture and lighting, lovely brass fittings and ornate plaster mouldings.

This was our bedroom:

As you can see, the accommodation was pretty luxurious, courtesy of my parents. We all helped with the food and the little cousins all had a great time together.

I enjoyed doing lots of walking in the cool mountain air. I had hoped I might have lost some weight, but I guess I ate too many holiday goodies for that ... and those yummy bacon and egg breakfasts ...

More photos to come of the beautiful mountain scenery ...

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