Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finding a new rhythm

Since daylight savings ended on Saturday night we have been settling into a new rhythm - dinner in the dark, less time after school for outdoor opportunities .... now that the girls are older it's not such a big deal as when they were little and we had to adjust their sleeping. In fact everything suddenly becomes easier at bedtime because after daylight savings the girls always snuggle down and go straight to sleep, whereas in summer they can be awake for hours.

This year the end of daylight savings coincided nicely with the beginning of cooler weather, so suddenly it feels like Autumn.

On Sunday we stayed home from church, since we were all pretty tired, and with a long free day to fill in the girls dug out Steve's old train set and set it up in their bedroom (complete with giant dog).

Later on they played Cathedral, one of our favourite games.

I guess they remember other winters playing lots of games.
We have just two more days of school and then over 2 weeks of holidays, Steve will be home, so I guess there will be lots more board games played!

As for me I'm looking forward to snuggling in cool weather, reading and playing games, but am also hoping to start doing more exercise each week now that the heat and humidity have gone.

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Emily said...

We had our daylight savings time a week ago ~ and it is when everything is turning into Spring! We are finally getting some light at the end of the day when we eat. It's so nice. Have a beautiful day!