Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Night Out

On Friday night I and some friends attended a huge fundraising event for a friend's sister, who has cancer. It was a mix of sad and happy, but everyone had fun dressing up and thousands of dollars must have been raised through the tickets for 850 guests and auctions and raffles and so on. The photo above shows the silent auction viewing area with hundreds of "mystery balloons" for purchase, each naming a generous donated prize. Inside the ballroom were 85 tables, each decorated with a stunning tall vase of submerged tulips.

The dress for the evening was "cocktail with a touch of pink" and, having nothing suitable, I was forced (LOL) to go out and buy something. So I bought a mostly-black dress, and borrowed my mum's hot pink pashmena, bought some low heels, stockings and jewellery, and was set. I wanted to have my haircut, but ran out of time. (Oh, and I wanted to lose 5kg, but that just didn't happen ... somehow ...)

It's so long since I dressed up for anything. And since I ended up half-decent I thought it was time for another appearance on the blog ...

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