Monday, January 13, 2014

At the Q Station

Our weekend at the Q Station

was just what we needed.

Sunshine, rest, food, views and history.

The Q Station is situated on North Head,

near Manly, and was the old quarantine station

where passengers of ships carrying disease

had to wait out their quarantine period.

It is in a fantastic location overlooking 

North Harbour and Manly. 

When we walked on Saturday we

could look straight across and 

see all the old quarantine buildings.

In the photo above, taken later on Quarantine Beach

you can see where we walked and took the previous

photo from the clifftop.

We spent much of the weekend right here,

under a tree on Quarantine Beach,

watching the boats go by;

seeing people kayaking and swimming;


and enjoying a morning swim.

Breakfasts were hard to take with this great view ...

... but someone had to do it.

The main street of the first class quarantine area:

Another shady spot on the first class lounge verandah,

enjoying the breezes and view.

Back to the beach in the late afternoon

before heading to dress for dinner at the restaurant.

We actually stayed here exactly two years ago,

but somehow I never blogged about it.

(Seeing as we were in the middle of renovations

at the time).

A perfect way to celebrate our wedding anniversary,

then and now.


Amy at love made my home said...

Indeed, a lovely way to spend your anniversary!! You obviously had a lovely time. Thank you for sharing it with us, so nice to see such lovely scenery and blue skies and water!! xx

Fiona said...

Yes Amy, it was all so blue most of the time! A lovely weekend.