Sunday, January 5, 2014

Small pleasures

Enjoying ...

the effect of a recent swap of lamps,

between the bedroom and the living room

much better, I think,

especially for bedtime reading;

an early morning walk;

wearing my pretty cotton 50s-style sundress to church;

being with our church family

and beginning a series on Psalms;

coconut cake with lemon icing

for afternoon tea;

and spending a couple of happy hours

with Laura this evening,

tidying her room and making many, 

many trips to the bin.

She is excited, being a tidy girl at heart.


Bekka Joy said...

Lovely collection of pictures. Love the dress pattern... and the lamp in the lounge room is lovely!

Amy at love made my home said...

Your tiffany style lamp is lovely Fiona. It is nice to swap things around a little isn't it, especially after Christmas. xx

Fiona said...

Thanks Bekka and Amy, yes, a bit of swapping can make everything seem fresh again!