Monday, January 20, 2014


It's just about this time
that the holidays take a little turn for the worse..
Firstly, there's the inescapable knowledge that just 
one week remains before school begins.

It's time for me to start preparations 
for the year ahead, for family, music teaching and church.
My mind is a To Do List that keeps getting longer.
Emails are already coming in,
and a letter came from school today 
outlining the first day procedures.
Time is running out,
when it seemed endless, back in December.

One daughter is a little on the cranky side of normal
because this is the week that she's
planned lots of social outings,
and everything needs to be just right beforehand.
However that doesn't mean that other things
normally required of her can be neglected.
Little things become hard again.

The other daughter is experiencing the devastation 
of a haircut gone wrong;
has a big tidy-up to do in her room
before her friends come over on the weekend;
and told me today that she is feeling
that the holidays haven't really begun yet,
as if she's still waiting for something great to happen.

So our pleasant, calm path 
has become a little rocky today,
and looks to stay that way for a while.

I need to look out for the good,
and encourage it when I can.
Just as I did when I searched our almost-barren garden
to find a few pretty blooms and foliage.
They are there, when I look hard enough.
Sometimes, I need to work
to make good things happen -
even when all I really want to do 
is to go in my craft room and shut out the world.

At this point, I know my attitude is going to 
make or break the remainder of the holidays.
So, time to shoulder my pack and continue on,
hoping that the path becomes easier ahead.


Amy at love made my home said...

Oh Fiona, sorry that things are not going so well for you right now. I hope that things pick up in the last week of the holidays, and that you don't want to run away and hide too much. I wish that I had some better words of wisdom or solace, but know that I am thinking of you, and wishing all the beat for you. xx

Fiona said...

Thanks, Amy. You are sweet. Things are not tooo bad, just rocky, precarious ... as I said, I'm looking out for the good moments...