Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday goodness

Can you see the bubble above our house?
I think it was the bubbles that saved our day.

After some good (and bad) times with their friends yesterday,
it was time for my girls 
to remember that they have each other.
Playing bubbles got them talking and loving again.

Silly nutkins.

While they were bubbling and chatting away, 
I was thrilled to discover two hydrangea blooms.
It has not been a good year for  hydrangeas and us.
But perhaps we will have a late summer show after all.

Besides offering helpful 'friends advice',
Emily also helped Laura adjust her Ikea pillowcases
to the regular pillowslip size;
and while the sewing machine was out 
I whipped up a tablecloth for the verandah.
(Since I had a clear dining table)

Inspired by my rare sewing activity,
I did some rare gardening activity near the back door,
where native violets were taking over,
and can now step outdoors with a full washing basket 
without fear of slipping on wet leaves.
I even researched and booked a holiday for April.

So today was a pretty good Saturday, I reckon,
just being at home, relaxing, 
and doing small but satisfying jobs.

Next up, a hamburger & chips TV dinner 
with a girly movie,
not too late, because I'm determined
to get to church band practice on time for once.

What have you been doing on your Saturday?

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Amy at love made my home said...

I hope that you made it to band practice on time! The photos you took of the bubbles are amazing!! Keep going my friend, it will come good. xx