Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cards for every occasion

Today we go at last to meet
our great-niece born months ago.

It's taken much longer than we thought

to get to see her but at last we've made plans

and I made her a personalised card this morning.


Since Christmas I've been going through

my stash of handmade cards.

There are quite a few of them

that I've made over the years for fun,

or as part of my Stampin' Up! business.

But a lot of them just weren't quite finished,

very dark cards needed lining,

and some greetings needed to be changed.

Now they are ready at last

to send out into the world.

A box of birthday cards

and a box of cards for other occasions.

This year I'm aiming to send out

every one of these cards.

Except for the sympathy and get well cards,

I'm happy not to hand out many of them.

But unfortunately I do need to send one today,

plus two birthday cards.

I'm glad to know I have cards ready to go

for any occasion,

but can still have some creative time

whipping up something new

if the urge strikes.

2014 is going to be the year I don't just 

think about sending cards,

but actually send them.


What goals do you have for this year?


Coal Valley View said...

You're so organised already, fantastic! This is what I plan to do over the next few weeks, make a whole bunch of cards so they are ready when I need them. Hope you hada great time with your great-niece! Mel x

Amy at love made my home said...

I'm so glad that Mel left you a comment - I was going to send you to her card posting blog post!

I hope that you have fun sending out all of your cards this year Fiona - apart as you say from the sad ones. I hope too that you had a great time visiting your newest family member!

Happy card sending. xx