Monday, January 27, 2014

Australia Day Weekend - Gerberas & Lamingtons

I almost forgot yesterday was Australia Day.
Steve was away at a chamber music weekend
and we girls went to church and then had lunch with my family.

Steve was home last night, to find me with a headache.
When I sent him back out for a few groceries (poor guy)
he came back with gerberas to cheer me up.
Which worked.

Today I was feeling much better and we made
gluten-free lamingtons.  Yum.
A walk, a boardgame, dinner outside 
and playing some recorder trios
were all good things to enjoy together,
so it felt like an Australia Day long weekend, after all.

Steve is back to work tomorrow,
Emily to school on Wednesday
and Laura on Thursday.
Ready, set, go.


Amy at love made my home said...

I love gerbera's one of my favourite flowers, but one that I rarely buy, so it is lovely to see yours! I wish that my hubby liked coconut, but no point making lamington's as he doesn't, and otherwise they are just cake in chocolate! I love to come and read your blog and leave a comment Fiona, as whilst you may not always feel calm yourself I realise, you make me feel calmer, that is why I always drop by to see you. As long as you keep blogging, I will keep reading and commenting and I always subscribe to your comments because you always reply! I hope that the week goes well for you and the girls back to school! xx

Coal Valley View said...

Oh he's a good man! Bright yellow Gerberas are one of the happiest flowers around. Sounds like a lovely long weekend (headache aside!). Hope all goes well for the Girls for the start of the school year, still another week of holidays for us! Mel x