Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Calm

After a while,

the in-between-ness of this time of year

starts to really bug me.

Much as I love Christmas

and all that goes with it, 

it's just not the same once Christmas is over.

The Advent Calendar taunts me

with its quick stamped substitutes

for felt ornaments I never finished

... yet again.

The Christmas cards have bent themselves open

and look messy and unloved.

The dresser, however,

never fails to please me :-)

(but I do wonder over breakfast

whether or not to hang my new banner 

in the same spot next Christmas?)

So today was the day for the house 

to look like this again:

while I packed everything away.

Then we moved the sofa 

back to its normal spot

and created some space and calm.

After a hard day's work

of packing, sorting, decluttering and ironing,

it's feeling like a new year

- a new season of our life

can begin.


Coal Valley View said...

Happy New Year to you Fiona! I completely relate, everything Christmassy gets packed up by 1 January (and I actually did it all on Dec 28th this year!). All the best for a wonderful 2014...Mel x

April Dunlap said...

Happy New Year! We barely managed to get things decorated in time for Christmas this year, so I am reluctant to take it down yet. Knowing my girls start back in classes next week may motivate me, though. I don't wish to wait till February! :) I hope 2014 is full of realizing God's best for you and your family!

Amy at love made my home said...

I know what you mean, it is nice to clear and tidy and rearrange and have a clear start to a new year isn't it! I just need to get on and do it. Happy New Year to you Fiona. xx