Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Emily - Sweet Sixteen


Who can believe it?

She can, even if we can't.

At 16 Emily is loving

Gone with the Wind,

Dr Who, Harry Potter and The Hobbit;

Divergent,  Ranger's Apprentice, Ruby Redfort and more;

not too old for One Direction, 

and enjoying

clothes, bags and jewellery;

cute felt crafts;

her new ipad 

(bought with money earned at the toyshop)

and oh so much more.

We are loving her.


Today: a dark miserable day

so all picnic ideas were off.

Instead: lots of shopping,

some new clothes for Emily

and soon we  will watch

Gone With the Wind

now that she has finally finished reading the book;

and dinner out tonight.

1 comment:

Amy at love made my home said...

A beautiful young lady! You must be so very proud and rightly so. xx