Sunday, December 7, 2008

Breathing space

After a very busy week, and a hot Saturday, today has been a breathing space. After church Steve went to play in an orchestra concert, and we girls came home. The day has been cool, even stormy, but with patches of sunshine this afternoon. Emily worked on her game, Laura read six or maybe seven books (yes six chapter books in one day, starting before church, I think) and I tidied the study. What? You don't think that's a breathing space? Well I do. For the first time in months I can walk easily around the study. I can open the sideboard, where our good china and heirlooms are, I can open or shut the window without being a contortionist.

Yesterday I put out a few more Christmassy things, and tried to create a few vignettes (as above), which also meant finishing with a few boxes which had been sitting round. So compared to all of last week, our home is much more spacious as far as floor and tabletops go. Laura and I baked Crackle Cookies, which are chocolatey and spicy and taste like Christmas.

So although it was hard work, I feel like I can breathe more easily.

Oh and the BIG difference between yesterday and today? Yesterday I still had to write Christmas cards, but we finished them all last night, and today I POSTED them. I love making them, but the writing always drags on at the end. Such a relief to drop them into the big red postbox with that satisfying metallic clunk as you tip them in.

So I'm feeling ready to head into the week. A busy few days coming up, then a few days of rest before school finishes up at the end of next week. Some presents still to make and buy, but not too many. I can actually cope with the everyday things again ... like dinner ... and clothes.

But most of all I can enjoy the lead-up to Christmas. Quiet cups of tea now and then with carols playing and the Christmas tree lights twinkling. Christmas baking. Times of fun or quiet with family. Advent Bible readings after dinner, with a candle. Carols to play on piano or recorders in harmony, or our own little mixed orchestra. Maybe even sew a few more ornaments ...

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