Thursday, December 18, 2008

Girls will be girls

Yesterday we had great excitement at our house. Laura won a colouring contest at our local supermarket, with some great prizes. Most exciting was an iDog, and a $20 voucher.
Unfortunately Emily also entered the same competition, in the same age group (she is 2 years older), but there could be only one winner. I was so proud of Laura and the way she shared her prize so graciously with Emily. After a few tears Emily joined in the fun and together we went to the supermarket to collect the prizes and spend the voucher.

And what else would I expect my girls to find than some soft puppies? So we ended up with 3 new dogs - one noisy and two cuddly. We feel like Christmas has already come! There were some other prizes too, which Laura was not interested in, and she herself chose to give them away, which also pleased me. The iDog is fun and I love the pink swirls, but it is definitely something we wouldn't have bought the girls (they don't even have ipods, but can use Daddy's, or other music players) so that's a bit of fun for them.

In the last year and a bit each of the girls has won 2 colouring contests! They do like their colouring. Well done, girls! I'm proud of them.

Each year I give family members (parents, aunts & uncles) a homemade ornament for their tree. This is what I will give them this year - I hope they like it!

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