Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Peaceful Wishes

Yes, I wish I was feeling peaceful this week!

Today - a piano lesson to teach, then a bit of planning and off to the shops for the day, back in time to unpack a few groceries before picking up the girls from school, then a quick afternoon tea, took them to Irish Dancing and rushed back for more unpacking and a cup of tea. Back to collect them, then a rush to get ready for the school Christmas Concert.

The concert was outdoors on the school quadrangle, and was the best concert I've ever seen at our school, and was fun. But it's been a hot day, and during the concert the temperature dropped about 20 degrees as a cool southerly blew in. Performers and audience coped well with the wind. Afterwards we were glad for the first time all day to be in the warm car to come home!

Then tired excitable girls to bed and at last a late dinner for us, but then another dinner to cook for a sick friend. At last a bit of relaxation now, but while typing I've remembered a few jobs that need to be done before tomorrow!

Yes, I will be glad when this week ends! Hopefully next week will be much more peaceful.

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Hill upon Hill said...

I loved the wind and I loved the concert. What fun.