Friday, December 19, 2008

Last day of school

The weather here has been hot then cold then hot then cold then hot then cold all December. Yesterday was hot, now it is turning cold. I function much better when it is cooler, so I'm happy. Today was the last day of school, and last night I think I was stressed, lying anxiously in bed wondering how best to use my last big block of free time for 6 weeks or so. The result was that I didn't sleep till almost 3am. Not the best night before such a day.

But, somehow, the day has been productive.
*Tidied and de-cluttered for the first hour, a few things disposed of.
*Sewed some pyjama pants at last after a few months of thinking about it.
*2 scrapbook pages of Christmas 2007
* This afternoon made chocolate spiders and chocolate puddings with the girls for some festivities tomorrow
* Just now Laura and I have made some more of these:

Dinner tonight will be an easy pasta (from the supermarket) with garlic bread and salad. Our kind neighbour dropped in some lovely cookies and rumballs so after dinner Steve and I will enjoy those with a DVD for our usual Friday Date Night, I also have some fruit cheese which would be nice with port ... so many choices!

So ... it's been a good day after all! But I don't think it's going to snow :-( considering it is summer here and doesn't even snow in winter LOL

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Wanda said...

Hi I am a new visitor, I just wanted to comment on the weather where I live in the P.N.W. It is snowing and has been all day. It is so beautiful and we so look forward to the snow, and are so happy when we get it because we don't get snow every winter.Enjoy your summer.TTFN