Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rush to the Gold Game

A Guest Post by Emily, aged 10

For term four we are studying gold. This Terms assignment was to make a game based on gold using the knowledge that we that we had from our camp at Bathurst. After two days of hard work on my game I finally managed to finish the project.

It was actually a lot harder than you think.

For pieces I painted small rocks in gold paint to look like gold nuggets. I used chance cards,

gold cardboard for money and my own drawings for the items you had to buy.

This was hard work but I think I'll get a good mark after all it is good fun.


Hill upon Hill said...

Well done, I am impressed, yes it would have taken a while to do...

Jeannette said...

Very adorable!

Elizabeth said...

Creating a game is difficult organizationally and artistically! I do a game project with my 12 year old students, and yours is very impressive,Emily!