Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve at last!

Well the 24th December has arrived at last, and it is a dismal dark day. It feels like it should be raining, but it's not. Very unlike the Christmases remembered in childhood where we sweltered in high temperatures and swam when we could! But it's a good baking day.

Today we made Christmas Cookies.

We use the same recipe my Mum used for years.

Before baking we sprinkle with coloured sugar

The bone-shaped cookie cutter even got used for cuddly toy's Christmas presents (I'm sure they get more attention that the real people round here!)

The finished cookies:

I also made Lemon Cranberry Cookies for the first time, which I will give away to relatives tomorrow. Our neighbours will receive a mixed bag of cookies very soon.

Then Laura and I rolled fondant icing for the Christmas Cake we baked yesterday, and cut out little stars and trees for the top.

And then, the sad, sad story of someone who has waaaaaaaaaay to much time to kill on Christmas Eve, and even when she has a spare moment has to get out her craft tools and make something! Tonight we will have our little family Christmas dinner, just the four of us. I remembered that in the back of the pantry were some Easter Eggs! Yes - I bought them on special after Easter, thinking I would give them as rewards to the girls occasionally. Well, I guess the girls haven't been good since then, because they were nearly all still there.

So I made them into little mice, sleeping together in a little bed

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

and they will sit on our dinner table.

The photo is not great, it's very difficult with the dark day and the gold foil.

The ears are chocolate coins with pink circles stuck on.
My favourite part is the tails sticking out under the blanket!

Soon we will set the table and before I know it it will be time to roast the turkey.