Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sleeping in Heavenly Peace

Yesterday I frantically shopped and tidied and wrapped and washed. When I went to bed the house was still in a mess, I wasn't feeling great and there was still plenty to do.

This morning I got up and felt a little better, tidied and cleaned solidly for an hour, hung out the washing again and brought it in before it rained, before a friend came for morning tea. What bliss to sit down in a living room which was tidy and clean (although our desks were not great, the rest was fine) and eat delicious goodies prepared earlier.

This afternoon I have baked a Christmas cake (which, as usual, took a disturbingly short time to bake, although my oven was almost as low as it could go!), done a tiny little bit of sewing which needed to be done on a present, wrapped the very last of the presents, helped the girls sew by hand and machine gifts for cuddly friends .... and ... finally ... sat down on the sofa with a scented candle burning in my pretty Christmas Tree holder with Dicken's A Christmas Carol to read. The girls went off quietly to do something in their rooms. This was the pre-Christmas moment I had dreamt of as I worked the last weeks to prepare for Christmas - everything done, time to relax and enjoy.

Five minutes later I was asleep. When I woke forty-five minutes later, the cake was done (thankfully not overdone), the girls quietly doing some secret on the computer, and I read a few more pages of Dickens. Now some afternoon tea while the girls watch some Christmas specials on TV.

I hope you are having a restful (and not frantic) few days before Christmas.


Emily said...

Hello! I hope you are enjoying a beautiful holiday! Merry Christmas! I feel terrible about not blogging much lately and coming around to comment. THings have been so crazy around here and are now finally settling down. Hope you'll still stop by and say hello. :) Have a beautiful day!

Hill upon Hill said...

Glad you had the moment.