Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas has begun!

Yesterday we put up the Christmas Tree, and decorated the living room. This is a not so great photo, but it's all I've got so far. I'll have to get out the tripod and take a night photo without the flash one night soon.

We all helped put the tree together, slotting in the branches in their correct order, popping in the twigs which have fallen off (the tree is almost as old as me, so it's pretty ... vintage). Then Steve battled with the lights and left us girls to the ornaments.

The girls were exhausted afterwards.

Not true! They disappeared off to their bedroom and did handstands and rollerskated on the verandah while I soldiered on packing away our regular ornaments and puttering around arranging Christmassy things. And did I enjoy it? Well of course I did, but I was exhausted afterwards! And it's not finished yet ... but almost. We haven't done the outside lights yet, either, but there's not many of them.

The other night we read the most beautiful book from the library - "The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey" by Susan Wojciechowski. The perfect mix of beautiful story, the most amazing watercolour illustrations, period setting and love at Christmas time. I think I enjoyed it even more than the girls did.

Tonight I hope to start writing Christmas cards. This is one of my favourites I've made this year - it's really nothing like my usual Christmas style (if I have a style, that is!). I love the Cuttlebug swiss dots in combination with red and white and scallops and text.

And did you notice what's under our Christmas tree? Presents! Yes, presents already wrapped in November! Woohoo! I thought only the Flylady could manage that. Well it's only a few presents, but it's a start.

Can't wait to see your Christmas Tree at your blog. Leave me a comment and I'll come and visit yours!

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Hill upon Hill said...

It looks lovely. Sweet little girls. We will put ours up on Sunday.