Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thrifty Finds

Today for Vintage-Thingie Thursday I'll show my finds in op-shops the last 2 days. There are a few op-shops quite close to us, and one in particular I sometimes run into with 5 minutes to spare between work and picking up the girls from school. Yesterday I did quite well in those 5 minutes!

This sweet plate is only about 6 inches across. It was $5.00 and I don't have anything that size.

I thought the design was pretty, so I bought it. (Besides, it was cheaper than the $165.00 plate I really wanted - yes $165.00 in an op-shop! It was a valuable piece, I know, but really ....)

I have collected jugs for years, and particularly love Grindley, so I was thrilled to find this little cream-coloured jug sitting in the bric-abrac section. Luckily it hadn't been spotted to go in with the real china, or it would no doubt have cost me more than the $6.00 I paid for it!

Please excuse the poor photography, it is a very dark day here.

Here is some detail on the spout:

In addition to these lovely things I bought some old VHS videos for $2.00 each - Superman, Groundhog Day and EdTV. Good date night viewing!

Then today Emily and I visited another op shop and found some gold baubles, and these:

They take me back to the 70s. I think I will hang them from the ceiling, they don't really go with our tree but I love them, somehow.

And I am kicking myself because when I got home I remembered that there was something I meant to pick up and look at at the op shop, but didn't (my hands were full at the time, I think, and I forgot a minute later!) A very groovy little tree made of foil and wire, very 60s looking. And I left it there!!! But we did stock up on second-hand books for the girls, to help pass the time in the school holidays, so that's something!

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Elizabeth said...

Lovin those golden sparklers!
Just FYI, this post didn't open from Mr. Linky. Only your 3rd one works and I had to use your sidebar to get to this one.