Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Almost Perfect

Sitting in the warm sunshine by the heater on a wintry day, a pretty quilt on my lap, trying a new knitting stitch (after many vows never to knit again) and seeing a scarf form before my eyes, listening to some Italian Concerti Grossi, drinking a cup of tea from my favourite mug accompanied by some delicious lemon cake - could the morning be any better?

Well ... it's not what I had planned. Laura and I are both a bit sick in the tummy so we are having a sick day. At this moment I should be leading bible study so there is the inevitable guilt and regret and wondering if I should have tried to be there after all. Laura had half a day off yesterday, she felt well around 11.30 to go to school (go figure!) But today we are at home again.

After my brief moment of perfection Laura decided she had had enough reading so the beautiful music went off and ABC Kids went back on ... so the soundtrack is not so relaxing but the scarf is coming along and I'm not up to much else, so I'll get back to it. Although it looks disturbingly different from the scarf in the picture ... I guess I'm not a knitter after all. But I am liking the scarf so I will stick with it.

As for my quilt made at craft group, this is the latest:
I'm not sure why the border looks puckered, I hope it comes out ok in the end. I added a border to the quick girls' quilt I made on Thursday, and started machine quilting it, it's not too bad but not great .. then I ran out of thread ... photos to come when it's finished.

Well back to my sunshine ...

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