Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Cards and a little Cleaning

Some more cards from my Hero Arts late-nighter last week:

I'm busy preparing for a Mother-Daughter Craft Night on Friday night with Emily's friends and their mums. Just finished the pre-cutting and will get all the stamps and tools ready to use.

Oh and spent 5 hours cleaning the living room. I swept and washed the floor, and wondered why I don't do it more often. Then I counted the pieces of furniture that have legs ...

1 dining table and 6 chairs

1 girls' desk and 2 chairs

3 stools at the kitchen bench

2 club chairs

5 little chairs or stools for little people and 1 little table

3 sofas

That's 24 items each with four legs. That's NINETY-SIX legs to sweep around. Yikes!

96 feet to remove fluff from ...

96 legs to collect dust!

And that is not counting a rocking chair and 2 beanbags

No wonder I don't wash the floor that much ...

Hmmm maybe it's time to declutter some furniture ..

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