Thursday, May 15, 2008

My lovely Mothers Day gifts

As promised, here are pics of my Mothers Day haul - everyone was very kind to me:

From the Mothers Day stall at school the girls selected a mug and a photo frame - they both wanted to give me the mug but then Em had to choose the frame -I'll have to find the perfect pictures of my girls for it. Emily also gave me a large Toblerone (my favourite) which she paid for herself, and Laura helped pay for a pack of Bounty bars (another favourite).

Steve gave me 2 DVDs - Bleak House and the Jane Austen collection, which I am looking forward to watching, I saw Bleak House when it was on ABC the year before last. He gave me some other yummy chocolate and some paper flowers (I picked) for scrapbooking. Then one day in Borders I found this book:

which I asked Steve to give me, and am finding totally inspiring - it is very cool to see how others think about craft, and what inspires them and how they work in their homes. Plus some projects. Am really enjoying it.

On Mothers Day we got together with my family and my Mum and my aunt both gave me MORE chocolates and hand cream, and yes, I have started to eat some of the chocolate!

So as usual I was totally spoilt. Lovely!

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