Thursday, May 1, 2008

Look What I Did Today!

Today our craft group had a quilting workshop with a wonderful quilter called Yan. I pieced this garland quilt top in just 5 hours!
I chose the fabrics weeks ago and I'm so happy the way they turned out. It's for Laura and she wanted pinks and purples.

The border fabric is much more funky than it looks from a distance, I wasn't quite sure if it would all work together, but it has. The photo hasn't turned out so well, on this dark day. The darkest squares and the thin border strip are purple, not navy.

I was so pleased to get it all pieced, hopefully I can get on with the backing and quilting soon, although it might be a while -without a teacher cutting and planning and telling me what to do.

This was so much fun. I've been in an anti-sewing mood since my sewing frenzy a few months back, so I wasn't expecting to enjoy a day of sewing. But I did. We had about 12 machines humming away and lots of chatter, yummy chocolate biscuits, cheese and crackers, and Thai for lunch. A perfect day out!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!! I think the border makes it. Laura must be thrilled with her delightfully pretty new quilt.