Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day Rush

This is what kept me so busy on Saturday - began it about 1pm and finished after 6pm. (With a little help from the girls before they lost interest). A long concertina album for Mum with pictures of all her grandchildren. 22 photos in total (of 7 grandchildren). It was a fun project but all a bit of a rush, including a mad dash through the pre-Mothers Day rush at the shops to get photos printed and buy a large piece of cardstock while on the way to visit the other mother. phew! Anyway, Mum seemed to like it well enough. Dad commented that they would need to build a new room to accommodate it. (it is about 48 inches long when stretched out)
And what did I receive from my lovely family? Well that will have to wait till tomorrow's post.

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