Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Seeing Red

Check out what I found when on the kerb when I pulled up at school this morning!:

Of course scavenging in the local streets at council clean-up time is a bit different from scavenging in front of other school parents, so I casually surveyed the item when I arrived, not displaying too much interest, (especially as I knew the mum parked right next to it) then went and taught recorder for half an hour, convinced that it might not be there later ... but when I arrived, it was there! So I pretended to be folding my shopping bags in the carboot (huh - as if!) and then as a car left the scene I whisked my new vintage sign into the car and jumped in and drove off.

Unfortunately it is a little rusty, so I won't keep it in the house, I think the workshop is the perfect place, so I have left it in there for Steve to discover next time he is in there ... or not. Maybe one day it will hang on the wall, for now it is leaning on a cupboard.

There seems to be a bit of a red theme here, yesterday I bought this cool tote to carry my everyday tapes, pens, punches, tools which I am forever packing and unpacking. I've seen them around for ages in cool colours for around $60, but I wasn't prepared to pay that much. Then yesterday at Spotlight were cheap imitations at half the price, only in red. I like red, although it may not have been my first choice for this item. Then when I got home I noticed (derrr!) that I have a red chair at my desk (which I had completely forgotten - that shows how much I work at the dining table!)

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