Saturday, May 3, 2008

So ... Saturday

Today was ... mixed. A morning spent tidying the accumulation of papers, pens, books, knick-knacks and half-used erasers which the girls have left on their desks over a long period of time - a lot of these we had thrown into a big box one day when visitors were coming - plus moving round some toys and videos - all time-consuming and stressful.
After lunch I just had to get out so I left the girls baking with Daddy supervising and went to buy scrapbooking cardstock, and felt much better. Then I baked a slice before a grown-up niece came to visit.
We had fairy cakes baked by the girls, (I forgot to take a photo but we did serve them on my favourite Meakin plate, above), Anzac Squares, and a new type of tea. Yum. And such cute paper serviettes with fairies and cupcakes on them!
Tonight a delicious dinner of Spiced Apricot Chicken, couscous, mushrooms and beans, but the girls were somewhat tired and difficult, so that too was mixed.
Hoping for a better day tomorrow - church, then dinner of more Apricot Chicken. Tonight or tomorrow I will try out my new quilting foot on my machine and practise quilting before tackling this in the near future. Also for this week - preparing for a Mother-Daughter Craft Night with some friends on Friday night - designing and pre-cutting cards. Busy is good.

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