Wednesday, May 28, 2008

End of Autumn

We have had such pleasant weather here the last couple of weeks - cool and mostly sunny. I feel so much more energetic in the cooler weather than in summer, more inspired to try new things and even (shock horror!) to exercise. At the moment I have a very modest aim of walking 15 minutes a day. I missed yesterday, but it is not too late today. I have started wearing a pedometer again today, but the total is too woeful to tell you at the moment, even though it is after 4pm!

Today I made card designs for the class I will teach at our Thursday craft group next week. Taught a piano lesson and played some whistle, did a little shopping. Now I have some crafty mess to clean and I will try to make the house shine while the girls are at Irish Dancing, before Steve's bible study guys come over tonight.

On another note, it seems that my "little" battle last week was not all in vain, I heard secondhand that I might have changed things for the better, after all. If so, I am thankful to God and also for all He has taught me through a difficult few days.

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