Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Birthday Goodness

Today is my birthday, and while I am trying not to think about being a year older, I am enjoying the day very much!

The morning began with presents (well, after a short delay when I wondered whether my husband had forgotten it was my birthday - he hadn't, but he thought saying "Happy Birthday" last night at 12.06am sufficed for saying "Happy Birthday" this morning - it didn't!)

My main presents were the piano music for The Sound of Music, and the DVD of the complete Forsyte Saga, which I enjoyed watching on TV a few years ago. As well I received lots of my favourite chocolates, including a large Toblerone, which Steve never fails to give me and I only eat after birthdays, Christmas and Mothers Day. LOL Emily gave me some sweet scrapbooking stickers and beads. (oh and they are not price stickers left on the presents but other stickers!)

I took Laura to get new glasses this morning and we did some op-shopping (school started late today due to industrial action), and bought...

jacket for Laura $5
jacket for me $7
bag for me $4 (more on this in a future post I hope)
book for Emily 50c
Babysitters Club Movie $1 (for girls, not me!)

so you see we found something for each of us.

Then I dropped the girls to school and went to bible study. Afterwards I met Mum and Dad for lunch, they gave me this cute cupcake stand that I had hinted at;

a handtowel, some Crabtree & Evelyn handcream and some money to buy more goodies. On top of which they took me to lunch at a nice cafe where I had a chicken and avocado foccacia and a honey & macadamia cheesecake ... excuse me while I answer the door .... oh a friend just dropped in a lovely handmade card:

And speaking of cards, look at the gorgeous watercoloured card my talented mother-in-law made me:

and I love that it matches my favourite vintage plate somehow!

With the card came a Borders gift card, so I can spend hours in Borders browsing in the near future ...

Tonight we are planning to go out for dinner, but right now I am going to try out my new music, maybe the girls will come and sing-along!

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Hill upon hill said...

Have thought of you today, happy birthday. The card from your mother in law is so lovely. What a special effort. Sounds like your day was lovely. I am pleased.