Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Evening

After a hot day, some flowers picked in the cool of the evening

... the smell of freshly-mown grass

...and the sound of the mower (a bit scarce lately, we have been letting the freesias grow in the lawn)

We have had our main dinner at lunchtime, as usual on a Sunday, and tonight the girls will have toast, and we will feast on leftovers of Butter Chicken and Cherry Cinnamon Cobbler from last night, for a treat.

For afternoon tea I made ginger cupcakes with vanilla icing, served very daintily using some thrifted goodies, but I didn't photograph them, because some people round here are suspicious that I only do things for the blog. So you will just have to imagine them! They were delicious.

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Linda said...

What a gorgeous pink flower!