Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Regency Cooking - Marzipan

Today my baking has begun in earnest for the Pride & Prejudice party!
This morning I made Marzipan Strawberries, using this website as a guide.

I used purchased marzipan, and divided it into 12 portions, which I rolled into strawberry shapes (using a real strawberry as a model!) As I went a saved a few scraps of marzipan from some of the larger portions to use as leaves later.
After rolling the shapes I pricked them all over with a cake testing skewer to look like strawberry seeds.

Then I painted them with cochineal and set them aside.

For the leaves I used a mini star cutter from a Christmas set and painted them with green food colouring. The hardest part of the whole process was attaching the green leaves to the red strawberries without putting green stains on the strawberries with my green fingers!

Then I dusted the finished strawberries with caster sugar

and left them to dry out for a day or so.

Other foods I am thinking about making are ...

Bakewell Tart
Chocolate Cream
Raspberry Fool
... although I am still deciding, the trifle is the only one I have actually started.
Also in the next few days I need to make some slices for my Recorder Group's concert on Friday night, and bake for the school cake stall on Saturday - so plenty of baking to do!
Also today ... finish my bonnet! Stay tuned ...


Hajar said...

I often wondered how people come up with fruit shaped marzipan. Thanks for sharing the process of shaping it. Perhaps now I might be able to make my own. :)

Hill upon Hill said...

It all looks lovely. I look forward to seeing the bonnet.