Sunday, September 7, 2008


Today is Fathers Day here. The lamb roast in the oven smells delicious, and we have the table set ready, and decorated with grevillea from the front garden. The sun is shining into to our living room, a welcome change from the torrential rain of the last few days.

The gerberas Steve gave me on my birthday are lasting well, but this one was drooping, so I put it in an Italian soft drink bottle for us to appreciate up close on the dining table.
This is the card I made Steve, using the Stampin' Up Wild About You set, and I will make another card shortly for my father-in-law before we see him this afternoon. We saw my Dad yesterday when the family got together to celebrate a number of birthdays, including mine. I was given some more lovely things ....

... a pair of very cool mugs in a lovely re-usable box with a magnetic closure ...

... some decorative plates (which will look great at the Pride & Prejudice party next week!)

some jewellery (which I found on a great special and asked my sister to give me!)

This is my total chocolate stash (minus the one chocolate bar I ate this week) ... am I spoilt or what?

On my birthday my good friend dropped in and gave me this, which was cleverly put together by her husband, to keep ribbons in.

But today is about fathers, and I need to go and check on the roast, and make some gravy.

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Hill upon Hill said...

I love the pink of the Grevillea.