Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pride & Prejudice Party: Getting the house ready

Last night I hosted the Pride & Prejudice Party. It was so much fun! I thought I'd write a few posts describing how I prepared for the party, what I wore etc.

To make our living room ready first we moved the furniture around a little to make more space, and I packed away all the girls' stationery, papers, books etc. which are normally (unfortunately) on view, as they don't have a proper desk of their own.

Then I cleaned and dusted, and packed away some photos and things, and then the fun part began. I used LOTS of candles, but I haven't taken photos of them all.

I found all my candlesticks and used them for old-fashioned ambience, and then I had some pretty tealight lanterns and holders scattered around.

On Friday night I held a concert for my Recorder Group (with another lady and her recorder group) - yes it has been a busy weekend! A lovely lady organised for her daughter and another girl to present us each with a bouquet of stunning roses, which we are still enjoying, and which were perfect for a centrepiece on the table last night.

I dug through my (extensive) doily collection and found an assortment which I used on every available surface, and put an old white damask tablecloth on the dining table.

I found this website and printed out some old illustrations of Regency ladies, and put them on the wall near the dining table, along with some other suitable postcards and cards I had.

Next post: Regency Desserts and other Delicacies

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Emily said...

How wonderful!!! You did such a beautiful job on the decorations! I bet the party was so much fun!!